When is the best time to go to Nepal 2021

“The best time to visit Nepal” may well rely upon what your plans are, regardless of whether you’ll go to Chitwan National Stop, Kathmandu, or Annapurna Base Camp. Nepal is a nation of extremes. The swamp fields of the Terai can have tropical temperatures and mosquitoes. The Himalayas can get the opportunity to below zero temperatures, yet the sun blast can bring some glow amid the day, even in the mountains. Our confided in Nepal authorities have assembled multi-step by step guide of when to visit Nepal and made a few proposals and we share with you our most loved time to go to Nepal. 

Best time to visit Nepal

Nepal has four particular seasons 

Spring (March to May): 

Springtime temperatures are somewhat warm in the swamps and direct at higher elevations, with a lot of chances for clear mountain sees. It is likewise the ideal opportunity for blooms to bloom and the national blossom of Nepal – rhododendron. 

Summer (June to August): 

This is the rainstorm season in Nepal. Trekking isn’t prescribed. The climate is hot and wet. It rains relatively consistently with incidental rainstorms in the nights, however, mornings are regularly clear and you can expect wonderful dawns. Overwhelming precipitation mists can shroud the lovely mountain sees and exuberant rain makes ways sloppy and closed. Avalanches frequently square streets, making travel unthinkable. Moreover, leeches make open-air exercises obnoxious. Temperatures lie in the vicinity of 23 and 35 degrees and even during the evening don’t fall beneath 20 degrees. 

Autumn Harvest time (September to November): 

This is the best trekking season in Nepal. The climate is exceptionally lovely and clear so the mountain sees are the best. This is the pinnacle season for trekking as mountain sees are ensured so it’s savvy to books your flights well ahead of time. This is likewise the period of celebrations as Nepal commends the greatest Hindu celebrations – Dashain took after by Tihar. 

Winter (December to February): 

The climate is cool and the sky is clear with periodic snowfall at higher rises. The mountain sees are still great, however higher trekking courses, for example, the Annapurna Circuit, have a tendency to be shut because of a lot of snow. It is best to trek at bringing down rises by and large beneath 3200m amid these months. Amid the day, temperatures in Kathmandu and Pokhara can achieve 20 degrees, yet the evenings are chilly and higher heights encounter solidifying temperatures. This season is the favored season for fowl viewing in Chitwan and to visit the Terai locale.

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